Are the current expenses and/or fees on your current investments competitive?

Too often people focus on things that they can't control rather than focusing on things they can control and investors are no different. Most investors concentrate on what they do not control, the markets and the markets' returns, instead of the things they can control. 

Investment costs are one of the few things you can control that can directly affect your retirement portfolio. Over time higher investment fees and expenses can add up and reduce your principal balance leaving you with less money to spend in retirement or pass on to heirs. 

Taking a look at the interactive calculator to the right, it shows that even paying 0.50% more in fees and expenses can make a significant difference. On a $250,000 investment earning 6% interest a year, an extra 0.50% in fees and expenses will cost more than $60,000 over 20 years!

Do you know what you are currently paying?

Schedule a no cost fee and expense analysis below. We'll show you exactly what you are paying right now on your investments and potentially show you ways to lower your fees and expenses!


This calculator is for informational purposes and only to show how fees and expenses may impact an investment portfolio over time. This calculator assumes that any added fees and/or expenses do not add any potential for outperformance and should not be used to compare specific investments.